A Powerful Mix of Business and Technical Solutions

Our primary objectives are to provide services in a safe and environmentally protective manner. Solutions and services are designed to meet client schedules, costs and regulatory needs.

TENORM Characterization and Field Services

Waste management, characterization, transportation and disposal services.

We understand that retaining a highly skilled staff can be a struggle. Our company is uniquely suited to provide short or long-term, qualified experts for your environmental and radiological projects. Our Ohio Licensed facility offers a turnkey solution including; Rapid Characterization (same day results using In-situ  Gamma Spectroscopy) patent pending, Radioactive Material Storage for containers awaiting disposition, Transportation, Disposal, Equipment Cleaning, and Radiological Free Release Surveys. Our field operations can support personnel, environmental monitoring, and decontamination services at your well pad or current storage facility.


  • CHP / CIH
  • Radiological Engineers
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Senior & Junior Health Physicist Technicians
  • Decontamination Technicians
  • Rad  Worker Trained Labor
  • Rad Worker Trained Equipment Operators
  • Radiological Spill Emergency Response


  • Radioactive Material Licensed Facility
  • Radioactive Materials Licensing support
  • Mobile ISOCS Characterization
  • Tank and Equipment Decontamination Services
  • Transportation and Disposal of TENORM


Comprehensive process and compliant culture for handling hazardous materials.

Since 1998, the Austin Master Services team has completed the demolition of more than 75 facilities containing hazardous and radioactive materials. Through this experience, we have established a comprehensive process and compliant culture to ensure project completion.

Hazardous Materials

We can help identify your environmental concerns before they become larger issues. Every day the media reports on facilities where small amounts of hazardous materials contaminate soils and waterways resulting in extensive and costly cleanup efforts.
Our team has experience in evaluating, containerizing and disposing of hazardous materials, such as:

  • PCB ballasts and transformers
  • Mercury light tubes
  • Mercury thermostats and switches
  • Freon condensers
  • Solvents, Oils and more.


Our advanced heavy equipment can accommodate your demolition projects.

Brown field revitalization is becoming more and more of a reality as the world becomes more “green.” Let our experience help free up your valuable real estate by removing your old office buildings, manufacturing plants and industrial complexes that do not meet current regulatory standards.

  • Environmental Considerations
  • Public Safety
  • Health Risks
  • Employee Safety

We recycle! We can surgically dismantle your buildings allowing us to separate all recycle materials for you. This Green initiative minimizes land filled waste and passes cost savings on to you! Our hydraulic excavators are equipped with:

  • Shears
  • Concrete Processors
  • Hammers
  • Grapples

Austin Master Services has access to some of the most advanced heavy equipment to accommodate most demolition projects.

Soil Processing

Our patented process removes and destroys VOC’s, SVOC’s, chlorinated solvents (benzene, toluene, etc.) from soils.

Austin Master Services offers a patented process TEVET®, Thermally Enhanced Vapor Extraction Technology that removes and destroys VOC’s, SVOC’s, chlorinated solvents (benzene, toluene, etc.) from soils.

Heated air is blown into the soil pile. Volatilized contaminants then exit the soil pile via the extraction piping, passing to the burn chamber (1800degrees) where they are destroyed.

Austin Master Services can remediate, capture or destroy a much wider range of contaminates, including VOC’s, Mercury, and Semi-volatile Compounds. In our facilities, we can test proposed projects and have developed new capture strategies for vapor treatment. These treatment strategies have been employed at several Superfund and RCRA sites.

Radioactive & Mixed Waste Solutions

Our extensive experience with radioactive waste regulations and requirements allows us to customize the best and most economical solution for you.

  • Low level radioactive and mixed waste management
  • Turnkey packaging, labeling and manifesting

Lead & Metal Recycling

We provide recycling services for materials at off-site locations for lead, scaffolding and other metals.

Source Management.

Through recycling and processing, we provide outlets for most radioactive sealed sources.


Turnkey packaging, labeling and manifesting solutions.

It’s important that a remediation firm have the capability to package, remove and properly transport contaminated or non-contaminated waste. Austin Master Services can effectively and efficiently move any quantity of waste products to assist with your remediation requirements. We’ll discuss your specific situation and structure a customized program to maintain a clean, environmentally friendly footprint.

  • Truck, Rail & Barge Transportation
  • Bulk or Drummed Waste
  • Customized Packaging

We excel at identifying the proper containers and shipping methods for your needs, including drums, intermodals and custom bags. To maximize your cost savings, our transportation options include truck, rail or barge.