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Austin Master Services Responds to Martins Ferry, Ohio Source Water Protection Complaint 

Waste remediation company addresses the environmental group 

Martins Ferry, OH (June 24, 2022) – Austin Master Services, an environmental services firm specializing in radiological waste remediation, has submitted its response to the Martins Ferry (OH) City Council related to the verified complaint submitted by the Concerned Ohio River Residents (CORR) group. 

“The team at Austin Master Services has been very receptive and cooperative in developing this response,” said John Davies, mayor of Martins Ferry. “Their willingness to meet and discuss this matter has been very helpful as we continue our efforts to ensure the highest levels of quality among our water system.”  

The Austin Master Services response includes clarification of the facility location regarding the Martins Ferry Source Water Protection Plan, the group’s designation of the facility and the processes that occur on-site, secondary containment systems within the facility, perceived waste ponds, underground sources of contamination, and fire control.  

“Austin Master Services operates according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Chief’s Order and works with governmental agencies who have jurisdiction over their process and facility. The CORR group has no jurisdiction or oversight and continues to attempt to create issues when all authorized inquiries have resulted in a lack of findings,” said Chris Martin, spokesperson for Austin Master Services. 

The response addresses the group’s concerns and is available for review on the Austin Master Services and Martins Ferry websites. Click here to read the complete response.