Martins Ferry, Ohio


Austin Master Services operates a 150,000 square foot oil and gas waste processing facility located in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Here we process oil and gas waste from: West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Our location, at an old Wheeling-Pitt steel mill, and our expertise means we have the ability to handle all waste streams generated in oil and gas production and exploration. Austin Master Services, Martins Ferry is your one stop for getting rid of your E&P waste. Whether it be: drill cuttings, flow back, post frac, or any other manner of waste stream, there is no material that we can’t handle here.

At Martins Ferry we operate a lab that has a full compliment of radiological surveying equipment, Gamma Spectroscopy Equipment, and Flash Point testing equipment. This allows us to completely characterize waste in house in order to best meet waste treatment and disposal standards.

Our processes, expertise, and business associates allow us to completely care for your waste until its final disposal site. You can rest assured that your material was taken care of in a manner to reduce environmental impact as much as possible.

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