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Austin Master Services operates a complete turnkey oil and gas waste processing facility located in Martins Ferry, Ohio. Serving the tri-state area the Martins Ferry facility offers a full-suite of TENORM waste remediation solutions. At our ODNR permitted facility we can accept and process all manners of oil and gas TENORM waste. We are able to down blend low activity TENORM waste to satisfy Ohio landfill waste acceptance criteria or for material with activity to high for down blending we can load into rail car for disposal at a low level radioactive waste facility. We also have an Ohio Department of Health radioactive materials license which allows us to perform In-Situ Gamma Spectroscopy to rapidly characterize waste. Our license also allows us to process tracer sands and their associated radionuclides. This allows us to offer services for any and all oil and gas waste.


Combining the abilities of our Buffalo Field Services Division and our Martins Ferry TENORM Facility Austin Master Services was able to successfully remove around 1,200 tons of contaminated soil for shipment to a low level radioactive waste facility.


Over the past nine years Austin Master Services has successfully solidified, packaged, and transported by rail around 10,000 tons of corrosive TENORM sludge for Uranium recycling.


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