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Austin Master Services, LLC (AMS) is a small business specializing in waste management and radiological services to commercial and government clients. Founded in 1997, the company has since expanded to cover ten states within the Continental United States with offices in Pennsylvania, Ohio and New York.

AMS has operated for 21 years with approximately fifteen million dollars in annual contract values. AMS has the ability to integrate company construction, waste management, health physics, and industrial hygiene capabilities into all projects. This diversity and integrated approach results in significant cost and schedule savings for the clients’ projects.

AMS’s primary objectives are to provide services in a safe and environmentally protective manner. Solutions and services are designed to meet client schedule, cost and regulatory needs.

AMS’s Management team and field personnel offers extensive capabilities dealing with D&D and waste management issues. AMS’s Rapid In-Situ Characterization system provides effective and expeditious decision making for NORM and TENORM issues.

AMS provides state-approved radiation protection programs including mobile license, decontamination, waste characterization and disposition, regulatory compliance support, and material sampling and analysis. AMS develops and supports worker and environmental protection programs involving radiological, chemical, and biological hazards.

AMS’s D&D services are provided on a cradle to grave basis, allowing clients to use a one stop turnkey process.

AMS has provided modeling and risk assessments for determining disposal and placement of waste materials in landfills and LLRW disposal facilities. AMS’s licensed and permitted Ohio facility can handle trans-loading of contaminated debris and soils, as well as decontamination of building material surfaces for the purpose of volume reduction of waste materials.

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